RackCoach Pricing Breakdown


$ 0 annually
  • Coaching Community
  • Workout Outlines
  • Workout/Event Calendar
  • Roster Management
  • Athlete Testing & Leaderboards
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Team Page
  • Mobile App


$ 750 annually
  • Everything in Free +
  • Rotational Workout Timer
  • Station Workout Timer
  • Sequential Workout Timer
  • Freeform Workout Timer


$ 1500 annually
  • Everything in Essential +
  • Data Display
  • Test Entry Via Mobile App
  • Timer Remote
  • Priority Support
Data Display


$ 300 per team / annually
  • Separate Teams by Sport
  • Depth Chart Management
  • Practice Planner
  • Team Messaging

Let's Make a Deal

Every program is unique, which is why we built Rack to be as customizable as possible. We have multiple affordable solutions that cater towards your specific needs as a program and your budget in the weight room.

Take a few minutes to schedule a meeting with us and find out how you can get started for free with a best-in-class strength training program.