Elevate Your Program.

Building a winning culture starts in the weight room, and giving your athletes the attention they need is critical. RackCoach helps optimize your performance training program by giving you more control, more efficiency and more wins in your weight room.

Meet Your New Assistant Coach.

We built Rack so you can dedicate more of your time as a Coach to teaching and motivating your athletes. Our game-changing audio visual timing system tracks reps, controls the tempo of the workout and displays individual athlete data all in one automated view. 

RackCoach gives you the control, efficiency and visibility you need to optimize your weight room and elevate your program.

Audio/Visual Timing System

Execute full efficiency workouts while spending more time coaching your athletes.

Data Display

Go completely paperless! Maximize your time and improve athlete accountability with our popular feature, Data Display. 

Workout/Practice Management

Save hours each week building and organizing your programming and practice plans with Rack’s easy online app. 

Data Tracking

Easily monitor programming effectiveness and athlete ownership with our data tracking and visualization.

Making coaches' Lives Easier

Essential Tools for your Program.

Did you know the average high school strength coach spends 8 hours a week managing athlete data? 

That’s why we’re here to help. RackCoach delivers a complete set of easy-to-use tools to keep your weight room and athletes organized and on-time, all the time.


Save time and gain complete control of your weight room. Keep every athlete on track by utilizing our audio visual timing system to manage and display tempo, reps and individual athlete data.


Easily build, organize and store your workouts for quick and easy access and continuity. Collaborate with other coaches and consultants on the Rack Community forum to design your best strength program.


Say goodbye to piles and files. Streamline data collection and management. Activate the information and data from your program to make more informed programming decisions, all while increasing athlete ownership with visual progress indicators.

Hear From the Rack Community

Coaches say they can’t imagine running workouts without Rack. That’s backed up by our 95% subscription renewal rate. We are at work with more than 1,500 high schools nationwide, helping coaches develop 300,000+ student-athletes each and every day.

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You can. Schedule a demo with us and we’ll show you how to elevate your program with RackCoach!

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